Aeropress recipe - a Champion’s 'go to' recipe in 10 easy steps

I’d like to share an Aeropress recipe which has been my go-to way to brew a really delicious tasting cup of coffee for a while now. Because with any new coffee, you have to start somewhere, don’t you?

This Aeropress recipe is based on the Inverted method and it uses a medium to coarse grind. Keep in mind, this recipe is a starting point, not a finish!

Although it will very likely give you a nice tasting cup of coffee :-)

And let’s be honest: it really doesn’t matter that much what you do, the Aeropress pretty much always delivers a delicious cup of coffee! And if this recipe doesn't satisfy, don't be scared to try some improvements...

What you’ll need:

  • Your Aeropress

  • 2 filters

  • fresly ground coffee- medium to coarse grind

  • hot water - 94 /95 Degrees

  • your favourite mug

  • a scale & timer

How to brew with Aeropress: my go to way to brew in 10 easy steps

1. Rinse two paper filters (I know, it seems extra but it really helps flavour clarity!).

2. Grind 16 grams of coffee (for this I used the Sage Smart Grinder PRO set at grindsize 50).

3. Assemble the Aeropress for inverted brewing: place the plunger in the chamber and put it upside down on your scale.

4. Add the coffee to the chamber (still 16 grams?) and tare your scale to ‘0’ -keep the timer ready!

5. Pour 230 grams of water - 94/95 degrees in roughly 10 seconds and stir

6. At 1:00: place your mug upside down on the Aeropress and FLIP the whole combo

7. Press down gently in 30 seconds- hold on to both the Aeropress and the cup to prevent accidents…

8. stop pressing when you hear a ‘hissing‘ sound

9. lift up the plunger slightly to prevent dripping and set aside.

10. let cool slightly (I prefer to drink my coffee around 55 degrees Celsius) & enjoy!

If you want to know more about how to go from here, check out my post about how to improve an Aeropress recipe here.

Let me know how you liked my Go To Aeropress Recipe!

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