My World Aeropress Championship Recipe - How to brew it

In November '19 I won the World Aeropress Championship. Here I'm sharing my winning recipe with you.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest buzzkill to winning the World Aeropress Championship last year. Almost straight after my win, all coffee events were shut down. On the upside, a LOT of people started brewing coffee at home even more. The Aeropress is the easiest way to brew an amazing cup of coffee, and this recipe highlights all the best aspects in a great coffee: it's acidity and sweetness.

So give my World Aeropress Championship recipe a try and let me know what you think!

Let's Brew!


  • Aeropress

  • stirrer

  • 2 pitchers

  • scale

  • timer

  • kettle

  • grinder (on Kinu m47 setting 3.9.4 - so 3 full turns, then 9 and 4 lines)


  • Coffee: 30 grams of fresh, delicious coffee

  • Water: 100 grams of soft water of 92°C (I used ‘Spa Blauw’ with ppm of 30) and 120 grams to dilute

  • Filter: 1 rinsed Aesir filter (they are ah-mah-zing)

Step by step:

  1. Prepare your Aeropress for inverted brewing

  2. Add the ground coffee to the chamber and set your scale to ‘0’ again

  3. Pour 100 grams of hot (92°C) water in 10 seconds- so don’t forget to start your timer when you start pouring!

  4. Stir properly for 20 times and then move the press gently off the scale.

  5. Put the filter cap with the filter in on the brewer and carefully press out the excess air.

  6. After 40 seconds, flip the Aeropress and press all the way down. You now have about 60 grams of super strong brew.

  7. Add 100 gram of hot water to dilute the super strong brew.

  8. Taste and dilute more when necessary- I ended up adding 120 grams of water

  9. Cool down to 60 °C - 55°C and enjoy!!

photos credit @boss_bean

This is really all there is too this recipe. The idea is to isolate all the acditity and sweetness in a quick and strong brew, before diluting it down to your preferred strength.

I’d love to hear from you if you tried it or if you have any questions about this recipe, your Aeropress or coffee brewing in general!

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